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CADICS is an acronym for Control, Autonomy, and Decision-making in Complex Systems, which reflects our scope within the ICT area. The goal of CADICS is to establish an internationally leading research environment constituting a sharp and growing multidisciplinary front prepared to attack the demanding future research challenges in the scope of CADICS.

The CADICS Core Curriculum (CCC) organizes collaborative activities, such as thematic seminars, joint courses, workshops and a project course.

Our theoretical research projects are driven by the needs from applications, where we work with collision avoidance, navigation, autonomy in unmanned aircraft, vehicle control, medical diagnosis,  supervision of complex industrial processes, etc. To close the research loop, CADICS operates a number of test facilities where new results can be evaluated. We also have an extensive network with Swedish industry, where research needs are identified and results are disseminated. The test facilities and industrial parties is our infrastructure.

Junior Faculty

The Junior Faculty is a unique organisational feature intended to profile and support a new generation of researchers associated with cadics and to provide long term continuation of the environment.

The CADICS Research Environment and the Information Quadrangle

The research in CADICS evolves around the Information Quadrangle:

  • Information-Based Decision and Actions: Integrating Autonomy, Decision and Control
  • Information Modeling: Extending the Model Concept
  • Information Integration: Merging Techniques from Different Fields
  • Information Interaction: Enabling Visual Decision Support and Control

The key elements in CADICS are our:

Research Infrastructure

Key components in the CADICS research environment are three lab infrastructures that has been made possible partly due to the collaborations within the groups that are part of CADICS.
  • The Visualization centre at the scientific visualization group C-Research
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