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CADICS-MOVIII Workshop May 18 2010

The Workshop will be held in Visionen, Building B, Entrance 27, Campus Valla, Linköpings universitet

9.30-10.00   Coffee
10.00-10.05 Opening of the workshop, Billy Fredriksson and Lennart Ljung 
10.05-10.45 Saab Aeronautics Research with a Focus on Development, Lars Sjöström, Saab Aerospace
10:45-11:30 Title to be announced, Anders Persson, CMIV
11.30-14.00  Poster session and Lunch
12:00            Lunch, Gästmatsalen,  Kårallen
14.00-14.45  Pedestrian detection with auto brake in the new Volvo S60,  Andreas Eidehall, Volvo
14.45-15:00  Refreshments
15:00-15.45  C – Norrköping’s new Visualization Center,   Anders Ynnerman, ITN
15.45-16.00  Summary, comments from the advisory board and best poster award

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