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CADICS Project Course, 6 hp

To support the creation of new interdisciplinary research projects and
create a meeting point between different research areas, a project
course within CADICS is introduced. The course is open to everyone
and participation is strongly encouraged for students who are
involved in CADICS.

Course Objectives

Groups, with members from different departments/research areas, will
perform application oriented projects, preferably interdisciplinary projects
that are connected to our research labs,  for example the indoor UAV-lab,
C-research HDR imaging lab, or any of the laboratories in L-huset.

Course Organization

The course is organized in a three week intensive period, with
two weeks in the period end of May 2012 until midsummer, and one week
after the summer. The course is examined by a few group presentations
and a project report in the form of a research paper. The course is worth
6 credits. 

2012 Projects

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