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CADICS Workshop 2014 13-14 October at Villa Fridhem

Monday October 13

12-13 Lunch
13-14 CADICS the next 5 years
- Fredrik Gustafsson summarizes the first 5 years and presents the visions for the next 5 years
- The International Advisory Board presents their thoughts and suggestions for the next 5 years
14-15 CADICS JF (Erik Frisk, Fredrik Heintz and Jonas Unger) presents ideas for future collaboration with the goal of future applications
15-16 Coffee and posters
16-16.30 Introduction to group discussions
 - Future Opportunities, Anders Ynnerman
 - The CADICS Project course, Erik Frisk
16.30-17.30 Discussion around ideas for collaboration and future applications
18-20 Dinner
20-21 Group discussions
 - CADICS vision and 5 year plan
 - Projects for CADICS project course
 - Interesting lecturers to invite for short courses
 - Future opportunities

Tuesday October 14

9-10 Summary of group discussions
10-10.30 Coffee
10.30-12.00 Presentations of IAB members
 - Carl-Fredrik Westin
 - John Baras, Collaborative Autonomy: Architectures, Learning, Reasoning, Sensory-based Perception, Cognition
12 Conclusions
12-13 Lunch

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