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The general organization of CADICS and its place in the ICT ecosystem at Linköping university is illustrated in the figure. The core CADICS group was involved in four successful applications to the 2010 call on strategic research areas, and there are also many supporting collaborative projects of all kinds, together leveraging the CADICS environment a factor ten. Several of these granted projects are spun off from CADICS research projects. The members of the different bodies in the management structure are listed below.


Fredrik Gustafsson (fredrik@isy.liu.se, 013-28 2706)

CADICS Council (Steering Group)

Patrick Doherty (patdo@ida.liu.se, 013-28 2426)
Michael Felsberg (michael.felsberg@liu.se, 013-28 2460)
Fredrik Gustafsson (fredrik@isy.liu.se, 013-28 2706)
Hans Knutsson (knutte@imt.liu.se, 013-28 6727)
Lennart Ljung (ljung@isy.liu.se, 013-28 1310)
Lars Nielsen (lars@isy.liu.se, 013-28 1307)
Anders Ynnerman (andyn@itn.liu.se, 011-36 3309)

CADICS Junior Faculty

Erik Frisk (frisk@isy.liu.se)
Fredrik Heintz (frehe@ida.liu.se)
Jonas Unger (Jonas.Unger@itn.liu.se)


Fredrik Heintz (frehe@ida.liu.se, 013-28 2428)

Responsible for CCC

Erik Frisk (frisk@isy.liu.se, 013-28 5714)

Responsible for Seminar Series

Fredrik Heintz (frehe@ida.liu.se, 013-28 2428)

International Advisory Committee

John Baras, University of Maryland, USA
Albert Benveniste, IRISA, Rennes, France
Malik Ghallab, LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse, France
Sandra Hirche, TUM, München, Germany
Leora Morgenstern, Science Applications International Corporation, USA
Carl-Fredrik Westin, Harvard University, USA

Founding Research Group

Patrick Doherty (patdo@ida.liu.se)
Torkel Glad (torkel@isy.liu.se)
Svante Gunnarsson (svante@isy.liu.se)
Fredrik Gustafsson (fredrik@isy.liu.se)
Lennart Ljung (ljung@isy.liu.se)
Hans Knutsson (knutte@imt.liu.se)
Lars Nielsen (lars@isy.liu.se)
Mikael Norrlöf (mino@isy.liu.se)
Thomas Schön (schon@isy.liu.se)
Anders Ynnerman (andyn@itn.liu.se)

Affiliated Researchers

This includes all researchers who currently work within CADICS, and also people, who in the past have had substantial funding by CADICS.
Miroslav Andel, ITN
Mats Andersson, IMT
Gianpaolo Conte, IDA
Matt Cooper, ITN
Lars Eriksson, ISY
Michael Felsberg, ISY
Erik Frisk, ISY
Fredrik Heintz, IDA
Jimmy Johansson, ITN
Mattias Krysander, ISY
Jonas Kvarnström, IDA
Karl-Johan Palmerius, ITN
Tommy Persson, IDA
Joakim Svensén, ISY
Andrzej Szalas, IDA
Jonas Unger, ITN
Johan Wahlström, ISY
Jan Åslund, ISY
Per Öberg, ISY

Ph.D. Students currently funded by CADICS

Olov Andersson, IDA
Daniel de Leng, IDA
Gabriel Eilertsen, ITN
Daniel Eriksson, ISY
Gustaf Johansson, IMT
Daniel Jönsson, ITN
Manon Kok, ISY
Joel Kronander, ITN
Kristoffer Lundahl, ISY
Ehsan Miandji, ITN
Neda Nickmehr, ISY
Mikael Nilsson, IDA
Peter Nyberg, ISY
Hanna Nyqvist, ISY
Piotr Rudol, IDA
Martin Skoglund, ISY
Mariusz Wzorek, IDA

PhD Students within CADICS, currently funded by other projects

Tomas Nilsson, ISY
Jens Sjölund, IMT
Andreas Thomasson, ISY
Håkan Warnqvist, Scania


Tianshi Chen, ISY
Anders Eklund, IMT
Emre Ozkan, ISY
Saikat Saha, ISY


This includes people who have received their Ph.D. or Tech.Lic degrees with a substantial funding by CADICS, and are not listed under affiliated researchers.
Patrik Axelsson, ISY
Magnus Axholt, ITN
Jonas Callmer, ISY
Anders Eklund, IMT
Karl Granström, ISY
Jeroen Hol, ISY
Umut Kocak, ITN
David Landén, IDA
Stefan Lindholm, ITN
Fredrik Lindsten, ISY
Joakim Löw, ITN
Christian Lyzell, ISY
Martin Magnusson, IDA
Tan Khoa Nguyen, ITN
Henrik Ohlsson, ISY
Per Magnus Olsson, IDA
Stephen Peterson, ITN
Henrik Tidefelt, ISY
David Törnqvist, ISY

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